A guide to LA for the 2019 AIGA Design Conference.


This dust jacket for Knock Knock’s special edition of This Is [Not] LA unfolds into a 17"x23.5" poster with iconic LA landmarks on one side and an illustrated MAP AND ADVENTURE GUIDE on the other (featuring itineraries for seven LA neighborhoods and a list of can't-miss taco trucks).

I also designed a pattern of spot illustrations for the end pages of the book reprint (it really ties the room together).

70* Things We Love About Todd Rundgren

A book of fan quotes, a logo, two postcards and four pins for the Spirit of Harmony Foundation to honor Todd Rundgren turning 70.

Guitar pick/heart icon used in the logo and as a motif throughout the book and collateral designs.


Todd's song titles were given typographic treatments and used as graphic breaks between pages of fan quotes that speak to classic record lyric/liner notes.


TVC exists as a guide 

for screening events, providing episodes of television shows with common tropes, from the most-memorable

to easily-forgettable syndicated relics.


Shows you loved, shows you forgot, shows you forgot

you loved and some shows

you would love to forget--like a cathode mixtape, 

put together for you by

your friends at TVC.

Logotype and drawings for posters done in ProCreate.


Wraparound cover designs for three of Jacques Tati's classic French comedies.

Hand-drawn type and bold ink drawings scanned and colorized; designed to accommodate DVD copy and work as cropped vertical compositions (front cover).


Getting bad puns out of my system with a tiny. tiny pen.

Squid Vicious

Minor Treat

Gnome Chomsky

Iggy Pup

Sushi Sioux 

Danzig with Wolves

All puns 8"x8" 

Ink on bristol paper

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