An Arrangement

80 bond paper pages with two 4-color signatures

Edition of 850

Fall 2017

Type & Authorship publication roughly themed around poignant growth.

I art directed and worked closely with design team on typography and graphics, and prepared the final file for print in addition to contributing writing and drawing.


2 colors on 108 newsprint pages

Edition of 700 

Fall 2016

Type & Authorship publication in which fire was a recurring motif.

I served as typographer and art director and prepared the final file for print in addition to contributing writing and drawing (see: Toast). 

Hungry Valley

98 bond paper pages

Edition of 1,000

Spring 2017

Type & Authorship publication considering all-manner-of consumption.

I served as Editor in Chief. I curated and arranged written content to theme while working with art director, wrote editor's note, and 

contributed writing and drawing. 

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